TV Ads

television advertisement is a span of television programming produced and paid for by an organization, which conveys a message, typically to market a product or service. Advertising revenue provides a significant portion of the funding for most privately owned television networks. The vast majority of television advertisements today consist of brief advertising spots, ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes. Advertisements of this sort have been used to promote a wide variety of goods, services and ideas since the beginning of television.The effects of television advertising upon the viewing public have been the subject of philosophical discourse by such luminaries.

Television advertising is the sending of promotional messages or media content to one or more potential program viewers. The viewers are influenced by the messages which results in actions that benefit the advertiser.

Advertisers desire to provide messages to people who are interested in their products or services. Advertisers pay media companies to send their promotional messages. Advertisers coordinate the selection of broadcasters and transmission of their promotional messages using advertising campaigns.

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