Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4 etc)

  • Heading tags, as their name suggests, are used to differentiate the heading of a page from the rest of the content.
  • These tags are also known to webmasters as HTML header tags, head tags, heading tags and SEO header tags.
  • The most important heading tag is the h1 tag and least important is the h6 tag.
  • In HTML coding the header tags from h1 to h6 form a hierarchy. This means that if you skip any of the tag numbers (ie. jump from 1 to 3) the heading structure will be broken, and this is not ideal for on-page SEO.
  • For example, if your site is introduced with a heading in h1, and a sub-heading in h3, the hierarchy will be broken, meaning the heading structure is not SEO-friendly. The coding should be something like what is shown below:

<h1>Main Heading</h1>

<h2>Secondary Heading 1</h2>

<h3>Sub-section of the secondary heading 1</h3>

<h2>Secondary Heading 2</h2>

<h3>Sub-section of the secondary heading 2</h3>

  • The h1 tag is the most important tag. Every page must have an h1 tag.
  • The heading tag is used to represent different sections of web page content. It has an impact on both the SEO and usability of your site.
  • Header tags from an SEO point of view:

Relevancy: Search engine spiders check the relevancy of the header tag with the content associated with it.

Keyword Consistency: The search engine spiders check the keyword consistency between the header tags and other parts of the page.

The Importance of an h1 Tag: The h1 is the most important tag and it should never be skipped on a page. Search spiders pay attention to the words used in the h1 tag as it should contain a basic description of the page content, just as the page <title> does .

Enriched User Experience: Heading tags give the user a clear idea of what the page content is about. Search engines give much importance to user-experience on a site, meaning the presence of heading tags becomes an important component of SEO.

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